August: Osage County

August poster

Poster designed by Larry Forte
Directed by Allen Rowell
Opened 4/12/2013
Closed 4/21/2013
Performances 7
Part of Town & Gown's

60th Main Stage Season

Preceded by A Few Good Men
Followed by TGATPM

August: Osage County was the fourth main stage production of Town & Gown's 60th season.  Written by Tracy Letts, it was directed by Allen Rowell and was performed from April 12 through 21, 2013.  



Beverly Weston Pete McCommons
Violet Weston Gay McCommons
Barbara Fordham Bryn Adamson
Bill Fordham Mitch Maxey
Jean Fordham Isabelle Germain
Ivy Weston Emily Myers
Karen Weston Kelly Doyle-Mace
Mattie Fae Aiken Heather Reed
Charlie Aiken Skip Hulett
Little Charles Aiken Patrick Hooper
Johnna Monevata Asia Meana
Steve Heidebrecht G. Derek Adams
Sheriff Don Gilbeau Rex Totty


Director Allen Rowell
Assistant Directors Carina McGeehin and Adam Shirley
Set Design Allen Rowell
Poster Design Larry Forte
Sound Design Steve Wildey
Lighting Design Ashley Laramore
Stage Manager Heather Sitler
Production Coordinator Leara Rhodes
Casting Coordinator Nathan Altman
Art Direction Bryn Adamson
Publicity Liaison Leara Rhodes
Dramaturg Fran Teague
Properties Bobby Harris
Costume Coordinator Harriet Anderson
Hair Consultation Holly Richards
Lighting Crew Reed Newland
Construction Leader Allen Rowell
Construction Crew

Larry Forte, Jonathan Sparks, and

cast/crew members

Scenic Painting

Bryn Adamson with Kris Schultz,

Nathan Altman, and Janet Robertson

Booth Operation Jameson Totty
Stage Fight Coach Melanie Maxey
Photography Kelly Doyle-Mace
Reception Marisa Castengera


Animated Show Poster

Animated Show Poster

Animated show poster by Allen Rowell

Show trailer

Show trailer

Trailer by Tim Dowse