The Board of Directors is the elected body that oversees the management of Town & Gown.  Created by the Bylaws, the board consists of four offices:  President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  


The responsibilities of the Board of Directors are enumerated in Article V of the Bylaws, and are elaborated upon in the Standing Rules.  The Bylaws task the Board with "[m]anagement of the organization," and the Standing Rules specifies the duties of each office.  

Elected Officers

The Board includes four officers elected by members at the annual membership meeting:  the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.


The president

  • chairs the board,
  • appoints the heads of all standing committees,
  • serves as member ex officio of all standing and special committees,
  • acts as a liaison to the community,
  • serves as a member of the Board of Trustees, and

Vice President

The vice president

  • presides at any meetings from which the president is absent.


The secretary

  • keeps minutes of all board meetings,
  • conducts all correspondence as directed by the board and president,
  • maintains a file for all correspondence and non-financial corporate records of the Players,
  • bears responsibility for the corporate seal of the Players,
  • notifies membership of all meetings in the absence of a Membership Committee chair,
  • records attendance at all board meetings,
  • gives notice of any board member in jeopardy of removal, and
  • manages the Shannon Anderson Rising Senior Awards.


The treasurer

  • maintains all financial records and funds,
  • issues and signs checks,
  • delivers a financial report at every board meeting,
  • receives all funds paid to the Players and issues receipts as appropriate,
  • honors only those bills that arise from legitimate Players expenses,
  • pays any taxes owed by the Players,
  • serves as operational administrator for the budget planning and control process, and
  • maintains a current inventory of the physical assets of the Players.

Standing Committees

In addition to the elected officers, the board includes several standing committees, the chairs of which are appointed by the president and approved by the other elected officers.

Publicity Committee

The publicity committee

  • schedules publicity, through all media outlets and for all productions, and assists each production's publicity coordinator with resources for the creation of posters, programs, and other promotional items,
  • explores all avenues for increasing the visibility of the Players and communicating the Players' message to the community at large,
  • receives one hundred complimentary ticket vouchers for promotional use each season and distributes them as it deems appropriate,
  • coordinates the sale of advertising in show programs, with space rates eubject to approval by the board, and
  • creates a brochure advertising each season's productions.

Front of House Committee

The front of house committee


Past Boards