Evil Dead: The Musical


Poster designed by Steven Carroll
Directed by Steven Carroll
Opened 10/4/2013
Closed 10/13/2013
Performances 7
Part of Town & Gown's

61st Main Stage Season

Preceded by Hamlet
Followed by Romeo & Juliet

Evil Dead: The Musical was the first main stage production of Town & Gown's 61st season.  Directed by Steven Carroll and musically directed by Jonathan Matthew Sparks, it ran from October 4 through 13, 2013.  


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Ash Adam Shirley
Cheryl Rebekah Williams
Linda Bekah Lee

Jeff Chen


Melissa Baxter

Annie Ashley Laramore
Ed Mitch Clayton
Jake Aaron Newman
Fake Shemps Katie Andrew, Bryce Benson,

Denton Devine, Celeste Josephine,

Mackenzie Marr, David Swisher,

Murray Weed


Director Steven Carroll
Musical Director Jonathan Sparks
Choreographers Mike Fulford, Greer Caldwell
Assistant Director Rachel Steffens
Makeup and Effects Designer Cathie Cabe
Costume Designer Jenn Brown
Lighting Designer Erwin Greene
Sound Designer Ian Ennis
Puppet Designer Jeremy Miller
Scenic Designer W. Steven Carroll
Foreman Jonathan Sparks
Chief Scenic Artist Bryn Adamson
Props Roxi Carroll, Cameron Logan, Rachel Steffens
Set Construction Ava Adamson, Delia Adamson,

Roxi Carroll, Erwin Greene,

Mike Lapka, Katie Mollenberg,

Julie Perkins, Anna Reynolds,

Nelson Reynolds, Allen Rowell,

and the cast

Publicist Dina Canup
Poster W. Steven Carroll
Publicity Photographer Wesley Abney
Publicity Photographer Assistant Brian Choate
Headshots Matt Hardy
Opening Reception Coordinator Roxi Carroll
Stage Manager Gillianne Gentzel
Assistant Stage Managers KAT Marie Mitchell, Cameron Logan
Booth Operator Shelby Marquardt
Stage Hands Anna Reynolds, Nelson Reynolds,
Makeup and Effects Assistants Lori Gibbons, Zachary Haener


TnG, EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL, animatic teaser

TnG, EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL, animatic teaser

Animatic Teaser by Allen Rowell

TnG, EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL, show trailer

TnG, EVIL DEAD THE MUSICAL, show trailer

Show trailer by Allen Rowell