Poster by Mark Davidson, Bart Dority, and Steven Carroll

Lysistrata was the sixth and final main stage production of Town & Gown's 59th season.  Directed by Rick Rose, it was performed from August 3 through 12, 2012.


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Lysistrata Terrell Austin
Calonice Kris Schultz
Myrrhine KAT Marie Mitchell
Lampito Rebekah Williams
Old Women's Chorus Leader Audey Lee
Women's Chorus:
     Stratillus Geneviève Esquivié
     Nicodice Kelly McGlaun-Fields
     Critilla Beth Kozinsky
     Calce Gay McCommons
Athenian Woman #1 Dana Miller
Athenian Woman #2 Cathryn Mollenberg
Boetian Woman and Woman #3 Virginia Simmons
Corinthian Woman #1 & Piper Marty Winkler
Corinthian Woman #2 & Piper Rachel Steffens
Old Men's Chorus Leader Nathan Altman
Men's Chorus
     Draces Patrick Hooper
     Gynococcus Eric Kumsomboone
     Strumudorus Patric Ryan
     Philurgus Murray Weed
Councilor Steve Elliot-Gower
Scythian Guards

Todd Curless, Aaron Newman,

Katie Nystrom, Sean Polite

Cinesias Jeremy Miller
Spartan Herald Aaron Newman
Reconciliation Katie Nystrom
Spartan Ambassador Aaron Newman
Spartan Ambassador Bill Akin
Spartan Ambassador (final poem) Sean Polite
Athenian Ambassador (final poem) Todd Curless


Director Rick Rose
Assistant Directors

Danielle Bailey Miller,

Hue Henry

Production Assistant Florence King
Set Design Dillon Nelson
Lighting Design Gina Hawkins
Technical Director Rick Rose
Crew Chief Kris Schultz
Set Construction

Bill Akin, Nathan Altman,

Terrell Austin, Sarah Autry,

Jeff Chen, Steve Elliott-Gower,

Ian EnnisGeneviève Esquivié,

Hue Henry, Jason Henry,

Noel Holston, Patrick Hooper,

Greer Jones, Beth Kozinsky,

Audey Lee, Gay Griggs McCommons,

Shelby Marquadt, Dana Miller,

KAT Marie Mitchell, Cathryn Mollenburg,

Gary Nason, Aaron Newman,

Don Nordlund, Katie Nystrom,

Sean Polite, Anna Reynolds,

Rick Rose, Patric Ryan,

Ginny Simmons, Matt Smith,

Maya Smith, Ryan Smith,

Shanon Hays Stroer, Murray Weed,

Marty Winkler

Costume Coordinator Terrell Austin

Costume Coordinatorand Construction

and Construction

Mary Delaplane
Costume Construction Shanon Hays Stroer

Anna Reynolds , Holli Richards ,

Nathan Altman

Original Dance Music Marty Winkler
Pre-show Music Michael Brewer
Choreographic Consultant Janet Robertson
Stage Combat/Fight Choreography

Mike Smith and 

Shanon Hays Stroer

Stage Manager and

Props Mistress

Heather Sitler
Assistant Stage Manager Shelby Marquadt
Board Operator Maddie Nodine
Photographer Bill Akin
Cartographer Bryn Adamson
Film Trailer Tim Dowse and Allen Rowell
Voiceover Todd Curless and Florence King
Poster Design

Mike Davidson , Bart Dority ,

and Steven Carroll

Opening Night Reception

Wild Food:  

Erin Wilson and Lindsay Pennington